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  • MR. Virat Sharma CStudent PGBE(Newzeland)

    I Knew English as a Student From English background but the way sir helped me develop my communication skills & the way he assisted me to present my ideas was awesome.

  • Govind Kumar

    The best spoken and personality development class in Raipur city. It is a corner of success because it has great motivators and great teachers like Farhan sir .

  • Deepshree Amlani

    It feels great joining Farhan`s Spoken English Classes. The way of teaching is really unique and I can feel positivity in myself. Public speaking and thinking skills are also developed.

  • Sunil Chandwani

    In Raipur has lots of spoken English institutes but I highly recommend Farhan`s Spoken English Classes to anyone who will be taking spoken English/voice and accent training classes in Raipur.

  • Rajeev Tripathi

    Wonderful. At FSC we enjoy the way How to learn English very much

  • Thakur Kunal Singh

    Farhan`s Spoken English Classes has really boosted up my confidence. It actually helped me with my vocabulary, my speaking skills, my personality, fluency and pronunciation

  • MR. Sunil Singhania Manager(Yugbodh Digital Print)

    Want to Speak English Come to FSC.

  • Shubham Borkar

    This class helps me to remove my stage fear which is one of the biggest reason we can not speak English properly because we have stage fear