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Farhan's Spoken English

Hi let me begin with a quick introduction about us. We are FSC, a name familiar to student as experts in english training and personality development. We groom people with great ability in English Speaking and confidence building.Your decision to learn english and more importantly command over the language would probably be rewarding beyond dreams.With strong determination and will to learn English. we promise you to change the complexion of your personality within your 2 and half months of association with us. If you are sincere, disciplined and ambitious, we ensure you to have good communication skills and presence of mind along with focus on your potential.You would be able to achieve any kind of realistic in the field of your relevance. No worry you are a student from hindi medium background, we have excellent facilities and more stressed schedule to make you play with English. Your experience with us would be rewarding and fruitful.

Best of Luck


The Director